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START HERE! How to Eliminate Headaches from Science Lesson Planning

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START HERE! How to Eliminate Headaches from Science Lesson Planning

I am so excited that you're here in the Jarring Science Club!

My goal is to help children become future problem solvers, innovators, and critical thinkers by helping you offer hands-on science activities that answer the questions kids are asking about the world (and are aligned with NGSS standards). 

Here are a few things you need to know before getting started. 

Each month, we release 4 new science experiments.

We use a jar as the base for most of our experiments.

One new experiment is released each Monday (unless there are 5 in a month) and each lesson includes a printable lesson outline, a video lesson for you to watch and learn about the experiment, lesson directions for you to follow, lesson guide and worksheets, and a short quiz!

New lessons will also include digital slides that can be added to Google classroom as well as a video for how to teach each lesson for teachers and parents. 

Each lesson that you complete will earn you Jarring Science Points- earn enough points and I'll mail you something cool!

And if you haven't yet join the Teaching Science and STEM group here!

In this module, you'll find general lesson planning support that will help you integrate the Jarring Science Lessons into your teaching (or if you're not a teacher, help you create a plan of action so you don't forget to do the activities!). 

  1. The DIY STEM Project Sheets help you create new themes and lessons that maximize STEM elements and get kids thinking outside the box. You'll find worksheets for creating your own lessons, helping kids develop their own STEM projects, and a place to write down things you'd like to try one day. 
  2. The Lesson Planning Sheets provide an outline for integrating the Jarring Science Club lessons into your day with a planning sheet for each month, plus individual lesson plans so you can track key points you want to cover in each lesson. 

If you have any questions, ask in the Teaching Science and STEM group or email me at Brenda@STEAMsational.com!

Download the Lesson Plan

Lesson Materials

How to access and use the lessons: 

  1. Click each individual module to pull up the content for that lesson. 
  2. Download the lesson guide for the lesson and print or store on your phone or tablet in an easily-accessible place or to share on Google classroom.
  3. Preview the video for the lesson and decide if you will share it with your kids/students. 
  4. Gather supplies, teach the lesson, and have the kids complete the quiz and worksheets. Kids can complete the quiz as a worksheet or they can log into the member portal and take the quiz inside the portal (which will earn you points faster). 

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