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How to Set Up a STEM Center (exclusive club member bonus!)

As a parent or teacher, you want your child/students to succeed. Adding more STEM learning for your children is a way to help them become problem-solvers, innovators, and critical thinkers.

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Finding a Location for Your STEM Center

Finding a Location for Your STEM Center

Once you pick what your STEM center will be (ours is just a white table with wheels from Ikea), then you can find a place for it.

I recommend placing it in an area of your home that is accessible to your kiddos, but also in a place where you can keep an eye on things. Placing your STEM center in an area of the house with a hard floor is highly recommended.

We currently have our STEM center in our filming studio, because we use it to film the Jarring Science Club lessons. But before we started the Jarring Science Club, we had our STEM center in our breakfast nook off of the kitchen.

If you have a garage that doesn’t get too hot or cold, that also makes a good location for a STEM center. You want to pick a location with a good amount of natural light, and a place where you can leave projects undisturbed overnight.

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